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Boot Kicker International®
1522 Rock Gap Road, Berkeley Springs WV, 25411
Purpose of this WebSite
This web site is dedicated to increasing your knowledge of dance; especially line, round, and ballroom dance.  It may help you be a better dancer, it may help you find a place to dance, or it may enhance your classroom experience. Use this website to make comments, ask questions, give suggestions, get the choreography of the dances taught in class, or change your contact information.  
Because a class site should be engaging, I’ll try to present information that makes dancing interesting and fun. I’ll try to present things such as trivia questions or polls about current events. Of course, there will be plenty of links so you can explore a wealth of dance ideas on the web.
What is “Boot Kicker International®“?

BOOT KICKER INTERNATIONAL® is an “East Coast” based corporation dedicated to teaching and standardizing authentic Country Western Dancing. To make learning as easy as possible for everyone, our Instructors use a time tested format, developed after years of research by the late Fran Halterman Medcalf. Our Instructors regularly attend workshops to stay current with teaching methods and new dances. Because we are an organized dance instruction company with trained instructors, we are able to teach over five hundred dances on four levels; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and reserve. As a beginner student, you may visit any Beginner Class at any BOOT KICKER® branch. Because of the structure of our organization, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be a Boot Kicker® Branch at every present and future location forever and always. After you have completed at least five beginner classes within your own branch, we invite you to register with “BOOT KICKER® INTERNATIONAL®.” By registering, you acknowledge that you have read the rules and agree to abide by them while you are a member.[/one-half-first]

Company Philosophy
  • To promote a fun, family atmosphere at all times.
  • To instruct “Authentic” dances.
  • To stress the quality of the dances taught, not the quantity of dances taught.
  • To have the best trained, most professional instructors available.


Upon entering classes, each student must sign and agree to the following Acknowledgment of Assumption of Risks and Restrictive Covenant”

The undersigned, has voluntarily determined to take lessons and/or perform dances involving “Boot Kicker International” (hereinafter referred to as “Boot Kickers”) system of instruction and methods of dance, and does acknowledge that they are fully aware of the potential risks associated therewith, and does assume all of said risks, specifically including but not limited to slipping, falling, heart attack or otherwise incurring personal injury or property damage. Further provided. That in consideration of the knowledge, techniques, information and instruction obtained in the lessons and group activities, the undersigned does hereby release and forever Discharge Boot Kicker International, its owner, its agents, employees, servants and independent contractors, Allen L Keefer, instructor, its agents, servants and employees, and all other persons, firms, or corporations liable, or who might be claimed to be liable from any and all claims, demands, actions, or suits of any kind of nature, whatsoever, and for damages for property sustained in engaging in any demonstration thereof, no matter where the location.

The undersigned does further represent to Boot Kickers and instructor, and their owner, agents, servants, employees and independent contractors, that the undersigned’s medical condition as determined by a physician, such physician being informed by the undersigned of the nature of the dance and the exertion involved therein, is such that engaging in the activity’ is not inconsistent with or detrimental to the present health condition of the undersigned

Furthermore, the undersigned does agree that the dances and methods of instruction of Boot Kickers are confidential business secrets and techniques of Boot Kickers and therefore the undersigned shall not make any commercial utilization of the material, dance techniques or methods of learning, including but not limited to instruction of others, all for a period of three (3) years from date and anywhere within the continental United States.

In witness whereof, the undersigned has hereunto set his/her hand on the date as indicated.