BKI – Committee Pages

Suggested Office and Committee List
for the Boot Kickers®

NOTE: These are only suggested committees.  Each branch may have specific, individual needs and may create or delete committees as needed.  The only required offices are Secretary and Treasurer and must be voted into office by the general membership.  The instructor of the individual branch will hold the office of (unimpeachable) President.


Secretary: A person whose work is keeping records, taking care of correspondence and other writing tasks, and keeping a history of what happens in our branch.          Qualifications: Must be an active member. Must attend two sessions annually. The general membership must vote.

Treasurer: A person responsible for keeping the checkbook and accurate records of funds in and out of the branch treasury account.
Qualifications:Must be an active member. Must attend two sessions annually. The general membership must vote.

Reporter: A person who is responsible for gathering information and writes reports for publication in newspapers, newsletters, etc.

Activities Committee: A group of people responsible for organizing special activities or events. Eg. Fund raising events, providing opportunities to earn dangles, organizing picnics, selling raffle tickets, research for demonstration opportunities, etc.          Qualifications: Committee Chairperson must be an active member. Committee members must have a tasteful imagination.

Refreshment Committee: A Committee responsible for organizing refreshments for activities including picnics, graduation, workshops, etc.

Merchandising Chairperson: A person responsible for gathering orders from members and in return, distributing merchandise once it is received. They can appoint one or more members for assistance if needed. They are responsible for bringing the catalog to the classes they attend.          Qualifications: Chairperson must be an active member.

Decorating Committee: Committee responsible for organizing or purchasing (with club funds upon approval) decorations for dances, special events etc.

Advertising Committee: A group of people responsible for informing the general public of Boot Kicker Activities. Responsibilities include placing advertisements in newspapers, community calendars, distributing fliers, placing radio or TV adds.

Welcoming Committee: A group of people responsible for greeting members and new students. They may assist with registration and sign-in sheets.

Music Committee: Group of people responsible for adding to the Music Library (Obtaining pre-recorded and copying for dance music library). May also assist in playing music at dances.

* Active member is a member who attends four of seven classes per session. All monies spent by committees must be pre-approved.